Fan Ye 叶 帆

The right picture was taken with Peter Scholze by Zekun Chen at ICM2018, Rio de Janeiro, July 31, 2018.


I am a PhD candidate in Maths at University of Cambridge. My advisor is Jacob Rasmussen. You can see my complete CV here.

I am interested in low-dimensional topology, especially about the gauge theory and the knot theory. I also have interests in symplectic geometry and differential geometry.

Research and Projects

  • Trisections of four manifolds(Senior Thesis), Sept. 2018-June 2019, supervised by Prof. Clifford Taubes.
  • Proofreading of lecture notes on algebraic geometry, July 2018-Sept. 2018, supervised by Prof. Michael Artin at MIT.
  • Representations of knot groups in SU(2), May 2018-Nov. 2018, supervised by Prof. Tomasz Mrowka at MIT.
  • Properties and intrinsic structures in Kahler manifolds, Summer 2017, Peking University.
  • Generalization of Gauss-Bonnet-Chern theorem, Spring 2017, Peking University.
  • Fukaya category and homological mirror symmetry, Sept. 2016-Oct. 2018, supervised by Prof. Huijun Fan at Peking University.
  • Optimization for tourism routes, cooperated with Chenjie Yu, Zehui Niu, Xinben Chen at Peking University.

Selected Talks

  • Khovanov homology, Lee theory and Rasmussen invariant, four talks at the seminar held by Prof. Clifford Taubes at Harvard, Sept. 2018.

  • Definition and Applications of Heegaard Floer Homology, six talks at the seminar held by Prof. Clifford Taubes at Harvard, June 2018.

  • Symplectic topology and Darboux theorem, three talks at the seminar held by Prof. Bohan Fang at Peking University, Nov. 2018.


Awards and Honors

  • Outstanding Graduates in Peking University, 2019
  • Bronze Medel in Alibaba Global Mathematics Competition, 2018.
  • May Fourth Scholarship, 2017.
  • Winning Prize in S.T. Yau College Student Mathematics Contests, 2017.
  • Honorable Mention in Mathematical Contest In Modeling(MCM), 2017.
  • Accessit in China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, 2016.
  • Merit Student at Peking University, 2016.


  • [2016-2018] The chief editor for publications in SMS
  • [2016-2017] The resposible editor for PKU youth, a popular publication in Peking University
  • [2015-2016] The vice minister for the development department of the student union in SMS


Hobbies: origami(paper folding), movie editing, book review writing. I also enjoy listening to symphony and often go to Boston Symphony Orchestra(BSO).

updated in Feb. 2020